Next9 is about nation building. The family is the basic unit of our society and if you look closely enough, you will see that everything good and bad about a person arises out of, (or despite of) one’s family environment.

Why Next9? Because we believe that the next 9 months after pregnancy are the most critical.

Hopes. Dreams. Values. Good Manners. Character – It all starts at home. And children start learning all these things while sitting their parent’s laps. Our products are part of a conscious effort to get started by building strong family bonds from day one.

Studies have shown that children who form strong bonds with their parents in their infancy starting with skin-to-skin contact immediately after childbirth are more well-adjusted, mature faster and develop faster than ordinary children.

This is the essence attachment parenting. Our products are designed to help, in one way or another to bring you closer to your children, and families more aware of the environment.

Next9 – Bringing us all closer together.