Parenting tips


Wearing your baby is smart parenting.

Worn babies:

  • Cry less.

    Research says that babies who are carried cry 43% less than overall, and 54% less during the evening hours. In indigenous cultures where babies are carried almost continuously, it is highly unlikely to hear a crying baby.

  • Have increased mental, emotional and physical development.

    Babies who are carried spend more time in a quiet alert state which is the best state for infant learning. They are also quickly able to develop a sense of security and trust. Because of this secure attachment these babies tend to become independent at an earlier age. By being held close to the caregiver, the newborn soaks in the caregiverís body rhythms, which in turn helps regulate her own heartbeat and breathing. Research shows that this helps her adapt easier to life outside the womb, it even means lesser risk for SIDS.

  • Actually develop healthy spines.

    A sling will conform to a baby's body, eliminating pressure on a babyís developing spine.

It also makes life easier for the parent because:

  • It's easier to breastfeed. Using a sling means discreet and hands free nursing.
  • The baby can be brought anywhere. No more huge strollers to lug around and maneuver along narrow aisles or corridors
  • The sling distributes the baby's weight across the wearerís back and so the child feels lighter.
  • With the baby in the sling, the momís hands are no longer tied down and so she can do her day to day chores or even go shopping!